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MoRE Research
Osmosis manages two proprietary databases which drive our investment process. Our investment universe covers the top 3,000 companies by market capitalisation. Our active coverage currently exceeds 600 companies in the developed markets.
The Model of Resource Efficiency ( MoRE)

The Model of Resource Efficiency (MoRE) database is used to create a unique investment factor based on resource efficiency – the ability of a company to transform resource inputs into greater economic value. The MoRE database contains publicly disclosed data from some of the world’s largest listed companies. This data is widely available but largely ignored by the investment community as it lacks context and consistency. The MoRE database contains public disclosures on over 900 companies on energy consumption, water consumption and generated waste data going back to the beginning of 2005 on an annual basis... 


The data is sourced, verified and made comparable using a manual research process for each company as information is released into the public domain. The MoRE database contains individual resource intensity information for each resource for every company which is then aggregated into an individual resource intensity score.  The Model of Resource Efficiency (MoRE) is a unique investment database. It is the engine that drives the portfolio construction of our systematic range of MoRE investment products

Resource Efficiency and Firm Value - Independent Academic Analysis

Resource efficiency is the use of fewer resources to produce one unit of revenue. This paper investigates the relationship between firms’ resource efficiency and value using Osmosis Investment Management’s innovative proprietary Resource Efficiency Score (RES). We argue that resource efficient firms hold additional intangible beneficial characteristics that deliver financial performance, as suggested by the resource based view of the firm.

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