A Smarter Approach to Sustainable Investment

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2022 - Boutique Manager of the Year

A smarter approach to sustainable investment

The Environmental Finance Sustainable Investment Awards are free to applicants and open to all organisations globally. This award was given on 29 June 2022 and relates to the annual period May 21-May 22.

About Us

Osmosis launched in 2009 and is majority owned by management and employees. The company is headquartered in London with a growing presence in North America. Our philosophy is that for sustainable investment to gain mainstream adoption, positive environmental impact should not come at the cost of portfolio performance.

Our team of quantitative environmental analysts and portfolio managers are singularly focused on delivering three levels of impact. Better risk-adjusted returns, measurable environmental reductions and an active engagement programme to promote better corporate environmental disclosure.

Government Pension Funds, State Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Foundations, Endowments, Family Offices and Banks, are amongst our client roster spanning North and South America, Mainland Europe, Nordics and the UK.

We target three pillars of impact

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Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns

Osmosis IM

Environmental Impact

Osmosis IM

Active Ownership

$9.3bn sustainable assets under management

Environmental Research

Our objective approach to environmental investment is driven by over a decade of proprietary research enabling the construction of our proprietary sustainable investment factor. Research, both internal and external, has demonstrated that our Resource Efficiency factor is uncorrelated to other common factors and is a predictor of future firm value.

As companies globally set increasingly ambitious Paris aligned or Net Zero targets, our objective research process effectively measures a company’s sustainable action vs its sustainable intent. In order to meet our clients’ goals, we utilise this sustainable investment factor as the core source of financial and environmental return across all of our funds and strategies. Our portfolios overweight efficient companies and underweight, or short, inefficient companies, while targeting specific risk profiles and investment styles.

Importantly, all our portfolios demonstrate significantly less ownership of Carbon, Water and Waste than their respective benchmarks.

Resource Efficiency

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Enables high-quality companies with strong management teams to generate a competitive advantage

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Captures the intangible value of environmental resilience and mitigates long-term climate change risk

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Identifies companies that are transitioning to a greener economy and have lower environmental risks

Our Environmental Impact

The Resource Efficiency Signal generates a significant reduction in the resource footprint of all our portfolios relative to their benchmarks. Osmosis’s strategies save an average reduction of – 57% in carbon, -59% in water, and -73% in waste, relative to their benchmarks (as of 31 December 22).

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in Co2e emissions

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water consumption

Osmosis IM


waste generation

14 sustainable
investment strategies

Resource Efficiency is the key driver of returns throughout our range of systematic strategies
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