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Osmosis Principles of Sustainability

Leading the transition to a sustainable and just future more decisively

Principles of sustainability

An overview of Osmosis’ principles of sustainability:

  1. We have a clear definition of sustainable investing based on the concept of Resource Efficiency measuring carbon emissions, water usage, and waste generation
  2. We specialise in the environmental dimension—the E—delivering substantial and measurable reductions in the environmental footprints of our portfolio
  3. Our objectives are to deliver higher risk-adjusted returns and lower environmental portfolio footprints
  4. To achieve this, we use a best-in-class approach selecting companies in every economic sector that most efficiently use limited resources to create economic value
  5. We also directly engage with companies on corporate environmental performance measurement and disclosure
  6. Our data is key. We developed and maintain a proprietary environmental database allowing us to derive our unique investment signal
  7. We keep an edge through significant and continued investments into the environmental expertise of our human capital
  8. Our Resource Efficiency metric values action over intent. The companies that we invest in are those that are currently making the greatest efforts at managing the resources at their disposal in order to create economic value
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Dr. Tom Steffen

Quant Research
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In this article we look at what the investment community needs to do better in order to use its substantial influence to lead the transition to a sustainable and just future more decisively.
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Important Information

This document is issued by Osmosis Investment Management US LLC (“Osmosis”). Osmosis Investment Management UK Limited (“Osmosis UK”) is an affiliate of Osmosis and has been operating the Osmosis Model of Resource Efficiency. Osmosis UK is regulated by the FCA. Osmosis and Osmosis UK are both wholly owned by Osmosis (Holdings) Limited (“OHL”).


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