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On ESG complexities

Leading the transition to a sustainable and just future more decisively

On ESG complexities

E, S, and G are three connected categories. Yet, each category covers a wide-ranging set of distinct challenges. ESG rating agencies use hundreds of indicators to measure a firm’s performance on the numerous diverse concepts within each category —carbon emissions in the E, workplace safety in the S, and board independence in the G, to name a few. Not only are there many different ways of measuring E, S, and G, but the task is further complicated by the fact that the three categories are also often closely interlinked. Yet, the issues within each category are by themselves extremely complex, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to address them all within the overarching ESG framework.

The interrelations and complexities of ESG issues caution against a general-purpose approach, where impact is lost by trying to solve too many issues at once. Choosing a specialised over a generalised approach can lead to a big advancement on a single issue, which may be more impactful than small advancements on many fronts.

Our view

Our view: At Osmosis, we specialise and focus on the E—the environmental dimension—applying our Model of Resource Efficiency to identify opportunities across all economic sectors. Over time we have developed extensive knowledge and expertise to assess corporate environmental performance and incorporate it into well-diversified and risk-controlled investment strategies. Our products offer substantially reduced environmental footprints (see Figure 1), while also performing well on the untargeted but captured social and governance dimensions (see Figure 2).


Picture 1

Figure 1. This figure shows the carbon emission, water, and waste footprints of companies in the diversified Osmosis Smart Beta fund relative to the MSCI World Index.



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Dr. Tom Steffen

Quant Research

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In this article we look at what the investment community needs to do better in order to use its substantial influence to lead the transition to a sustainable and just future more decisively.

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