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Osmosis Investment Funds

Osmosis Investment Funds

The Model of Resource Efficiency investment factor has been integrated into three open-ended funds. The three funds target style and global core exposure through smart beta and high active risk strategies.

Osmosis Investment Funds

Osmosis has structured a range of investment vehicles to address the demands of sophisticated institutional investors. Currently, our investment vehicles range from transparent tax-efficient structures, to UCITS V funds.

MoRE World Low Volatility

The MoRE World Low Volatility seeks superior risk-adjusted returns relative to the MSCI World Index, by delivering a minimum variance portfolio of resource efficient stocks.  The portfolio is not only seeking to deliver alpha through the resource efficient selection pool, but address the concerns that low volatility portfolios have historically increased exposure to resource-intensive industries, especially utilities, whereby significant non-financial risks are exhibited.

Style Category: Large cap low volatility

MoRE World Smart Beta

The MoRE World Smart Beta seeks superior risk-adjusted returns by targeting maximum resource efficiency exposure whilst maintaining a tight tracking error to the MSCI World.  The portfolio takes advantage of the inefficiencies of market cap weighted strategies by closely mimicking the factor exposure of the underlying benchmark with the active exposure being delivered through the resource efficiency factor.  The resulting portfolio delivers a significantly reduced footprint relative to the benchmark.

Style Category: Large cap core

MoRE World

The MoRE World Fund is designed to outperform the MSCI Developed World Index. The stocks are systematically selected within industry sectors based upon their MoRE Resource efficiency score. The portfolio is broadly diversified across sectors excluding financials and has a large cap bias.


Style Category: Large cap blend
MoRE World Sustainable Market Neutral

The MoRE World Sustainable Market Neutral seeks absolute risk-adjusted returns by targeting maximum resource efficiency exposure on the long side and maximum resource intensity on the short side, whilst targeting a market, factor and dollar neutral portfolio. The resulting portfolio targets absolute return, uncorrelated to equity markets, whilst delivering a significantly reduced net environmental footprint.

Style Category: MoRE World Sustainable Market Neutral

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